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    civilization of empires android, ios hack

    This used to be a prosperous nation, but that was in the past... A few years ago, the indomitable King was defeated by a mysterious army, and he has not been seen since than. After that, the country descended into chaos...

    The King was defeated and taken away. The nation, without a its leader, descended into chaos, and the Black Knight took the opportunity and seized much of the country. Turmoil, panic, darkness... What will become of this Kingdom?
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    Welcome game civilization of empires! My Lord, you are finally here! The King was taken prisoner by The Black Knight! They gained the strength of the Dark Magic and used it to control Legendary Heroes of different eras to defeat the King's army and took him away. I did my best, but even then I was only able to penetrate the Dark Magic controlling the Heroes.

    My Lord, I think what we need to do now is get as many as these powerful Heroes together, recover territories along the way and find out how to rescue the King, and save the country.... Maelin suffered injuries while fighting The Black Knight and requires rest, so I will be guiding you from here on. Because the Dark Magic destroyed time and dimensions, some of the disappeared civilizations have resurfaced in this world. Our goal is to find Legendary Heroes from these civilizations and recruit them. After some research by our scouts, we have located one such Hero: Alexander.

    Secrets gameplay civilization of empires (android):
    The difficulty of the stage will affect the chance of drops. Your Heroes will lead the army to battle on your behalf. As long as you have finished the lineup, your Heroes will lead the soldiers to bill the enemies. There are 4 components in a complete set of gear, including weapon, armor, mount and boots. Weapon increases ATK, armor increases Physical Armor, mount increases Strength, and boots increase Magical Armor.

    The destruction brought by the Dark Magic left many parts of the town in ruins. But with our hard work, this place will flourish again! You receive tangible rewards by completing missions civilization of empires. The Castle is the most important construction in the town. The levels of other buildings cannot exceed that of the Castle, and you can only upgrade other buildings when you have upgraded the Castle. In order to have a larger army, you'll need to recruit more Heroes. They hang out at the Tavern.

    Heroes civilization of empires: Heroes can be divided into five different classes, including Infantry, Bowman, Horseman, Mage, and Support. Each class possesses different qualities, some with greater damage while some with higher defense. Only by a proper collaboration between the classes combination will you win. Each Hero has his own Specialization and Combination. Your power will increase greatly if you use them well. Also, when you have more than one Hero, the lineup strategy is very important too. Let's learn how to deploy soldiers. Recruited Heroes can only help bill the enemies if they are deployed.

    Skills civilization of empires: you can switch the skills for each general here. Generals of different types can only learn skills of its corresponding type. Each type of skill contains multiple skills. Use it well and your general will get even stronger. There are different qualities for the skills: they are S>A>B>C>D in this order. THe higher the skill quality, the greater the skill power.

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    The Congress enables the upgrade of technology. Business technology, formation technology and military technology can be upgraded in the Congress. High technology levels are critical to every aspect, from city development to wars.
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