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    heroes master android, ios hack

    Oh no! The Blight Legion have staged a massive attack on the refugees in Sanctuary! Heroes, we must beat back the Blight Legion and save Storm Island! We need to form an alliance if we want to win this war. My brave lord, gather your warriors and begin your journey!

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    Welcome game heroes master! Come summon your first follower! My Lord, gather your Heroes, unite the nation, and defeat the evil Zeus! Earn Stars to unlock reward chests. Spend Journey Gold in the Journey Shop to get awesome items. Enemies with red circles at their feet are Elite enemies with special skills.

    Secrets gameplay heroes master (android):
    If your character's Physical Attack is higher than your Magic Attack, then your normal attacks will be physical attacks, and vice versa. Some Heroes gain special bonuses when equipped with certain Relics or Gear. Use Skills to defeat enemies and regain Energy faster. Upgrade to become more

    Gold-blooded killer assassin - Head of the Queen's Guard. No one is better at sneak attacks and assassinations. Properties: Physical Attack, Assassination Attacks, Dodge, Attack Reduction

    Skills: Hurricane 6 step physical attack. Deals 200 Wind damage and Repels targets, but damage is reduced during repeat attacks on the same target unless the target is in the air.

    Relic combos heroes master:
    Saint Sword
    When Player Hero equips Blademaster, Main Skill damage is increased, normal attacks have a chance of bonus Lightning attack, and the Crit rate of such attacks against creatures increases by 50%.
    Lord Blade
    When Player Hero equips Guinsoo. Main Skill damage Is Increased. At battle start, cooldown time for all enemy minor skills is increased, and Magic Defense and Physical Defense are temporarily boosted 15%.
    Kings Guard
    When Player Hero equips Raid, damage received from Main Skills is reduced, and upon battle start, all allies' Attack Speed is raised, and their Energy is increased by 100.

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