hacking final fantasy brave exvius
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    Hacked final fantasy brave exvius android, ios

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    final fantasy brave exvius android, ios hack

    Flick unit windows up, down, left, or right to perform actions. The action carried out will vary depending on which direction you flick. Flicking towards abilities displays a list of all abilities that unit can use. Tapping an ability sets it as that unit's action to be taken. Upon selecting an action, the icon in the unit window will change. Tap the window to have the unit perform the selected action.

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    Welcome game final fantasy brave exvius! AUTO : Toggle auto-battle on and off. In auto-battle mode, selected actions will be performed automatically. If no actions are selected, units will attack normally. From the second turn on, units will attack normally.
    REPEAT : Repeat actions taken the previous turn.
    RESET : Reset selected actions for all units to regular attacks.
    MENU: Display the menu.

    Secrets gameplay final fantasy brave exvius (android):
    Tap a unit's icon to have that unit perform an action. You can combine attacks from multiple units to achieve a chain attack. The better the combination,the more damage you'll inflict! Along with normal chains, there are special chains that pack a serious punch. Spark Chain - Attack with multiple units at the same time. Element Chain - Attack with multiple units using attacks of the same element.

    Units can be equipped in two ways: with abilities, or with equipment such as weapons and armor. The type of magic that may be equipped varies by unit. Furthermore, a unit cannot equip magic higher than its magic level.

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