hacking legends of honor
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    legends of honor android, ios hack

    Welcome, my lord! I am Lady Jasmine. As your adviser, it is my honor to introduce you to your new castle. Mighty castles require resources in order to grow. Let me show you how to construct a stone quarry. The best way to exert your influence throughout the kingdom is by exploring the world map. This kingdom is full of dangers, my lord! Allow me to show you how to recruit units and build a mighty army.

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    Welcome game legends of honor! Completing quests from the quest log will help your castle grow and provide valuable rewards. Remember to regularly consult the quest log for guidance on how to make your castle prosper. My lord, your powerful leadership has not gone unnoticed, and your growing reputation has earned you the right to join one of the kingdom’s three noble factions.

    Axemen - they are reliable and inexpensive infantry units that will serve you well in these dark times.

    Secrets gameplay legends of honor (android):
    You can complete construction instantly for free whenever you see the free complete button. The best way to maximize the productivity of your buildings is to upgrade them whenever possible. Your allegiance to the knights of ash and shadow is most welcome, young lord, though your true value as a dragon will be measured by the fury with which you vanquish our enemies in battle. Expand your castle to create more space for new buildings.

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