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    Hacked wartide android, ios

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    • enhanced heroic (spend mana to upgrade a hero ability) - aso9rQ;

    • unlimited energy - gsfdg1.

    wartide android, ios hack

    It is said that long ago the olympian gods divided this land among them. As lord of the sea, poseidon called our island...Poseidon’s heirs ruled the island. King atlas, favored son, ruled fairly. Gadrus, his twin and rival, tried to seize the throne. A great civil war enslied....

    Poseidon unleashed his rage, destroying the land so neither could rule. For ages we wandered as nomands, searching for a home...At last we foun it... In new atlantis.
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    Welcome game wartide! Take advantage of every hero’s abilities and combat role during deployment. Take on difficult challenges for great rewards in the realm of legends. Level up heroes with XP elixirs from chests and raid rewards. Battles cost food, which your city produces over time.

    Hero Rexenor - Learned Alchemist. A creative alchemist with healing powers who throws potions in battle. The son of diplomats, Rexenor has ventured to all corners of the known world, developing an expertise in alchemy and the restorative arts. From a very early age Rexenor knew he would explore the world in the pursuit of knowledge, even if it meant leaving the comforts of home behind.

    Iola - A masterful sorceress with a golden spellstaff and an affinity for snakes. Iola summons the spirits of her darling serpents from her spellstaff with an indolent wave of her hand. The master necromancer Iola gained notoriety early on as a teenager when her father and brother were seen returning home to her village after the Atlantean Civil War’s bloodiest battle, despite multiple witnesses to their deaths
    Secrets gameplay wartide (android):
    Visit the conquest tower to set up your city’s defenses.... Or launch an attack! You can fire multiple abilities at once, if you have the energy. Use keys to open chests in the treasury that hold great rewards. Look out for visiting merchants docker at the airship emporium. Have you noticed the Hero Energy collecting in the shared team pool? Use it to unleash powerful Abilities! Visit the Treasury to open valuable chests with keys.

    how to enter cheats wartide.

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