hacking kungfu monkey
  • Cheat, hack kungfu monkey: gold, silver coins, deity’s soul, reputation, gem, vip status, ancient scripture, treasure hunting . Hacked game kungfu monkey android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked kungfu monkey android, ios

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    • daity’s soul - 5swfe4;

    • silver coin - hgf67;

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    • gold coins - fsAF32;

    • vip status - ihf6be;

    • ancient scripture - gsfdg1.

    kungfu monkey android, ios hack

    You are the disciple of Buddha, you have slept for centuries. You helped Tang San Zang during his journey to a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, met a tragedy along the way. I have spent a lot of effort to resurrect you. Your memory has not been restored. But a big disaster is approaching, let me help you restore your supernatural power, hurry and save the world.

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    Welcome game kungfu monkey! At the merchant you can find treasure to obtain fighting companion. Use subdue summon find treasure in the human world can subdue those wandering inferiur Demon. Treasure hunt every where can receive a lot of silver coins, can also receive powerful War deity. First treasure hunting for 10 times gives out Orange War Deity. Hunt again 2times after, the next treasure hunt must give Star God.

    Among the three realms, you are the only one who can drive three families’ weapons. Refineing magic weapon consumed same name magic weapon fragments. Strengthen weapon can upgrade main character’s battle strength.

    Secrets gameplay kungfu monkey (android):
    War deity will be divided into front row and back row, as long as you line up properly, they will fight automatically. To battle to experience the power of the war daity. You can get the spirit of 5 members from journey to the west by refreshing item at the mysterious shop. Life is miserable and Dharma is the solution. YOu’ll encounter eight major difficulties while exploring the west for Sutra.

    Fighting can upgrade the main character. Arena can receive reputation, pvp - rare weapon, looting - gem and ancient scripture. If achieved victory, you can obtain silver coin, deity’s soul, advance pill, victory rewards. The spider Demon kungfu monkey caught by your weapon, can be your partner, dispatched by you. Complete every level you can obtain a certain amount of daity’s soul, can be used for war deity’s upgrade.

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