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    arcane online android, ios hack

    Once there was a land where humans and a race known as spirits lived in piece. But the lust for conquest and power lured humans to break this delicate balance...Led by their king, humans sought to gain the power of the spirits... And the continent of Eldine fell into war and chaos. The balance of nature was irremediably broken. Spirits vanished from Eldine, and vile creatures started to appear out of nowhere.

    It is now time to protect Eldine against the terrible evil that has gripped the region, and restore the glory of the kingdom....

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    Welcome game arcane online! Warriors wield a shield and a sword to perform might swordsmanship. Mages cast powerful elemental spells to destroy their enemies. Shamans summon the forces of nature to battle foes up close or at range.

    One of the leaders of the organization known as “Anima” that studies the power of the spirits throughout mainland Eldine. We need skilled mercenaries to help us in our research. You will be well rewarded and may learn the spirit’s secrets.

    You can earn valuable rewards if you log in several days consecutively! Once you get the 7th day login rewards, you won’t be able to claim these again. Including rubies and a monarch emblem, a relic accessory valid for 7 days! Log in 7 days in a row to claim all the rewards, including a new stallion mount!

    Secrets gameplay arcane online (android):
    Re-enchant your equipment to fine-tune your stats. The (!) mark means you reached the required level to enhance your skill! Tap level up to improve your skill effects to the next level. Each active skill has a recharge cooldown and MP cost. Legendary gear design patterns and materials are looted in Elite dungeons.

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