hacking monster age
  • Cheat, hack monster age: gold shell, evolve, gem crystal, free meat, chicken, fish, unlimited stamina energy, purple powder, ultimate egg . Hacked game monster age android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked monster age android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack gold shell- qni92ne;

    • evolve- ihf6be;

    • free meat, chicken, fish - gdf3dfg;

    • unlimited stamina energy - 65hbbQ;

    • purple powder - klvT39;

    • ultimate egg - gsfdg1.

    monster age android, ios hack

    At the beginning of time, Wild World was a primitive planet. The strong one always prey on the weak. While the weak protect themselves with run or hiding. One day, a natural phenomenon happened. A meteor storm hit Wild World and the atmosphere with cosmic particles. Some of the surviving species were affected by this new atmosphere and began to evolve in short time. They gained intelligence, and some species started to walk on two feet.

    Their brain improved, they could do interspecies communication and s:arted to live together.. Carnivores only ate unevolved species and they built a civilization together with herbivores and omnivores. Not so long after Evolution age, a mysterious phenomenon happened: the birth of mysterious creatures. These creatures were born from natural elements: fire, earth, thunder, water, darkness and light. The birth of deities changed the planet once more. The existence of the six deities somehow gave people the skill to manipulate elements too.

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    Welcome game monster age! Having this kind of power, the people of the wild world lost their desire to build a society. They preferred to find out who is the strongest among them. Six eggs hatched in the monster age era. Although they came from the same species they are born with different elements. They are fuegon, chlorogon, bubigon, rodagon, lunagon and solagon.

    One day, the brothers split themselves into two groups. The two strongest, lunagon and solagon left their brothers to find a stronger group.

    Secrets gameplay monster age (android):
    Monsters with a maximum SP bar can unleash special skill. DOn’t forget that you are not the only one who can use a special skill. Iff all of your monsters are defeated, it means you lose the game. Hatch a super egg requires 30 super eggshell. Every 30 hatches will gave you a free hatch. You can choose the difficulty of your adventure. If you see a darker icon, it means you still need to clear the previous level. Upgrade your equipment to optimize damage potential of your monster. By leveling up your player level, you will get certain benefits. To upgrade the equipment to a higher level, you need to reach a certain amount of points.

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