independence day resurgense battle heroes
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    independence day resurgense battle heroes android, ios hack

    It’s not just an ESD fighter wing, it’s a symbol. The symbol of Earth standing unitedagainst the alien threat. We must make sure the people know: the losses of the war of ‘ 96 won’t happen again. E5D recon has reported alien activity in the sector. Lead a patrol to the location and engage any hostile forces on-slght.

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    Welcome game independence day resurgense battle heroes! Since the moon tug is the faster unti in the battle, it can act first. You can use your active unit’s skills by selecting their icons. After choosing the skill you must select the target. Some skills have a cooldown. Check the skill's description to learn more. Press and hold the icon to display the description. Units take turns according to play order determined by their speed. The blue bars show this order, the longer the bar the sooner the units can take their turns.

    Each unit independence day resurgense battle heroes has a weak and a strong resistance against certain attack types. See the red outline around the unit? It shows a higher resistance against the selected skill. The other alien ship's outline is green. It means you can cause much more damage against it. Explosive units are weak against EM attacks, kinetic units against explosive attacks and EM units against kinetic attacks. Be aware of the color of the outlines, they will help you to choose the best target! The yellow outline means that the target are ther strong nor weak against the attack. Still better then the red one though, isn't it? Outlines are effective indicators, but sometimes you need to plan your moves in advance. Each damage type has a unique color which is always dominant on the ship's hull .

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    If you have just received some materials. Press the home button and navigate to the Hangar to install them into your aircrafts. Always Follow the pulsing arrow to Find the sections oF your base where new interactions ara available. Some missions can be replayed three times daily to get more rewards. If you have already Finished a mission with three stars and have a quick loot ticket, just press the button and claim your reward!

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