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    wonder 5 masters android, ios hack

    Haien, god of light and goodness. Palimay, god of darkness and chaos. A war between two gods persisted for over 100 years. The humans under Haien, the god of light, fought bravely against the demons under Ralimay, the god of darkness, in order to protect their abundant sunlight, fertile soil, lush forests, and their loving families. The warriors fought with courage and shone like a golden barrier that received blessings from Haien. The humans took pride in fighting the war in the name of their god. They shared stories imagining the peace they’d obtain with their victory and persevered though the trials and pains of war.
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    Welcome game wonder 5 masters! The humans gradually made their way to victory through the dedication and sacrifice of countless heroes. Azujak, king of the humans, and his troops finally had siege of Palimay’s base. The final victory of Haien and the humans lay right before their eyes.
    Palimay disappeared with the great explosion. The sky was colored red with the de,on’s blood, and as dark pieces of flesh fell from the sky, all the trees, warriors, grass., earth, forest spirits... Everything on earth became smothered with the demon’s flesh and blood. But they all continued to laugh and cheer for the demon was dinally dead. The humans opened a festival to celebrate their victory and left pride in accomlishing peace alongside their god. Peace. Abudance. Prosperity. Happiness. They believed they could finally have it all. They all believed in happily ever after.

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    Righteous and brave soldier! The Almighty haiens has waited a long time for you. The demon’s power is beginning to resurrect. Haien said that you are the only who can stop him.
    Axquire major rewards every day by completing daily missions. Take away a hoard of various rewards though ahievements. You can obtain heroes that will fight beside you by using gems. Remember that the Draw 10x has a higher chance of summoning better heoes than the draw 1x. All the heroes of this world will down before you. So remember to never give up and persevere though even the hardest trials. If you run into an enemy that you can’t defeat or if you want to finish the battle with ease, you can borrow help from a friend. If you choose the hero of a player who’s registered as a friend here, you can summon them during the battle.

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