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    Lost frontier android, ios hack

    Select a living legend:
    John Mcgraw - known as “6-eyes” in some parts, McGraw is a master of the revolver. John is able to bring the most out of Gunslingers, posses and cavalry for an up-close and personal fighting style.
    Wyatt Wilcox - “long-arm” Wilcox is a master sharpshooter, and his forces specialize in long-range engagements. Wyatt gains bonuses to Riflemen, cannons and gatling guns.
    Doc Valentine is the best doctor on the frontier, and a decent gunslinger to boot. He knows how to get the most out of Doctor and Chuck Wagons, keeping his forces healthy and well supplied.
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    Welcome game Lost frontier! Let’s go over basic controls. Boys in red are your units. The blue tiles indicate how far he can move this turn. When you no longer have any units to move, end your turn via the menu in the upper right corner. Also, feel free to look around the map by dragging with your finger. Always a good idea to know the lay of the land. Before committing to an attack, you can see the damage you are likely to do. All units have 100 health, so keep that in mind when you see these members. Tap the target again to commit to the attack.

    Secrets gameplay Lost frontier android:
    As you can see, he fired back. THis called a counter attack, and most close-range units will do this. However, he did a lot less damage than you. This is because wounded units deal reduced damage. It’s hard to aim with blood in your eyes, so always try to attack when you have a health advantage. Rifleman - he’s a powerful long-range unit that can fire 2-3 spaces away. Long-range units generally can’t move and fire in the same turn. They also can’t counter-attack. Make sure to keep them away from the front line. Cactus field and rocks are great sources of cover when you’re out in the desert. Any unit standing in cover takes reduced damage.

    Units: the gunslinger is a basic close-range unit. Their low cost makes them efficient for capturing territory and harassing the enemy. Doctors are able to heal human units, keeping your forces in fighting shape. They must be protect though, as they are unable to defend themselves. Cavalry - sometimes you just need a horse. While similar in combat to a gunslinger, cavalry have superior mobility for reaching distant targets quickly.

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