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    clash warlords android, ios hack

    The world tends to uite after a long period of division and tends to divide after a long period of unification. After ruling China for over 300 years, the Han dynasty is falling down. In these turbulent days, heroes have many chances to show their talents.

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    Welcome game clash warlords! Farmer is the weakest unit and not good at charging forward at all. Falchion man is a junior combat unit, which is much stronger than farmers. Archer - a junior ranged unit that wields a long bow. Equip your hero by tapping the question mark and open the bag. Cities are the mein place for trainig combat units. Enter the military depot, and then build barracks and recruit soldiers. You may buld one building each day. Observatory - allows recruiting powerful caster units. Light cavalry - a junior cavalry that can move quite swiftly but whose other attributes are even.

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    Resources can be sent to recruit combat units or exchanged for other items. Resources - producing buildings will provide you with resources every day. Click and hold on the icon to check the details of the spell. It will cost resources to build buildings and recruit combat units. Try gathering resources in the map or hack cheats code. Balista - a mobile emplacement that can attack enemies from afar but move slowly. Produce more combat units in the military depot before you battle the bandits. When Liu Bei reaches level 3, he can train farmers, making them into Guardsmen. Click the portrait on the right side, and click farmers to split and upgrade them.

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