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  • Fast & Furious Legacy: hack, cheats on gold, cars, coins, upgrade points. Free cheat codes for Fast & Furious: Legacy Android, ios, iphone on cars, drift, apk, money.

    Fast & Furious Legacy codes

    Hey, welcome to the race wars Fast & Furious Legacy. Tej and Roman told me to expect you. Let's see what they're talking about. I'll lend you a car for now. Don't mess up my ride. Timing is the most important part of launching.
    Tap the LAUNCH button on "GO" to get the best start!

    Performance upgrades will each impact how your car drives in Street. Drag and Drift Races.

    Great driving! Looks like the guys were right You've got talent Meet me over by the shipyard. I've got something hacks, cheats codes for Fast & Furious: Legacy Android, ios, iphone on cars, drift, apk, money for you.

    HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    This here is what we call the "Grey Market".
    These cargo traders are looking to unload some shady car containers. No questions, noproblems. I've got the hook ups.

    Fast & Furious Legacy: hack container
    Cheats , hack Fast & Furious Legacy on container:
    ptOwwt - bronze
    fA93aD - silver
    oOmpn1 - gold

    Fast & Furious Legacy: hacks, cheats on gold, cars, coins, upgrade points

    x9dSrg - 1000 xp. Earning EXPERIENCE POINTS will level up your player profile.
    xPoWm9 - level up
    S7jlmt - Fast & Furious Legacy hack: unlock all cars
    9QOyYu - always full nitrous.
    TbjE8I - 100 upgrade points. UPGRADE POINTS are used to purchase performance upgrades and can be acquired from Challenge Races.
    NlPzYU - 1 million coins. COINS are also used for performance upgrades.
    sY0Ab6 - upgrade the top speed of your ride.
    B4F1vr - +100 pl. PI is PERFORMANCE INDEX. The higher your PL the faster your car. Installing performance upgrades will increase your car's PL unlocking more story races.
    zLUTLe - instan upgrade car.
    Q4F4W9 - Fast & Furious Legacy hack: unlocked all CHALLENGE RACES. Challenge Races are good for earning UPGRADE POINTS.
    G3gZ2V - to perform installation.
    GIuBDQ - Fast & Furious Legacy hack: 1000 gold
    ee8Ahj - You don't need to be conected to the inthernet
    eidYgc - Upgrade Points and Car Parts.

    In drag races, you shift your own gears. Tap the SHIFT button when your tachometer needle is near the redline!
    Activate NITROUS! NITROUS refills on LAUNCH and SHIFTS.

    STREET MODE: Follow cars closely to get a drafting bonus, which will give you a speed boost and helps refill your nitrous.
    There's at least 1 jump in every street track. Keep an eye out for them.

    If you're stuck on a Story race try some Challenge Races, then Upgrade until your car is ready to dominate.

    Drifting takes skill! DRAG your finger to steer the car keeping it on the driving line. NITROUS refills as you drift.

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