Victorious Knight hack cheats code (android, ios)
hacking Victorious Knight
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    Hacked Victorious Knight android, ios

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    Victorious Knight android, ios hack

    On the top left side, is your character’s health bar. You’ll lose the battle if it reaches zero. On the top right side, is your rival’s health bar. Win battles by depleting your rival’s health points. For tutorial purpose, your health point is set to half of your max HP. Victorious knight uses a battle sequence as its combat mechanic. At start of a battle, a randomized battle sequence will be generated, from left to right, up to six slots per sequence. Your self icon indicates your turns, and the red icons are your rival’s turns.
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    Welcome game Victorious Knight! Sometime you’ll find a blue magical gate that will block your way. Find a switch to disavle it. Particular switch will activate the floating platform that will get you across. Tap ok, then tap the switch to activate the platform. Each mini map has treasure chests to be opened. Chests contains gold and sometime health potion. After a battle sequence is generated, you can choose from three possible actions, which are attack, block and potion. You can make your selection by tapping any of your self icon. To start off, tap the third slot and choose the block icon.

    Secrets gameplay Victorious Knight android: you can move your character by taping anywhere on the ground. Taking a potion restores your health, equal to your potion power that’s visible next to the potion icon at the center bottom. In real battle, choose wisely, when to use your potion. It can help you stay alive and win battles. If your block power reaches zero, your passive or manual block is unavailable. Counter attack! This is your passive counter attack skill, and also triggered at certain rate. During counter attacks, you can choose to perform two actions.

    This is your active block skill. Like passive block, this skill also consume block power whenever damage is inflicted on you. Blocking will last up to two sequence’s slot, so choose wisely when to use your block skill. Depending on your passive counter rate, you may perform a counter attack while blocking. However, performing a counter attack will end your blocking stage.

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