hacking Art Of War 3
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    Hacked Art Of War 3: Modern PvP android, ios

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    Art Of War 3: Modern PvP android, ios hack

    Resistance - we outlawed. We are fighting for freedom and for our human rights. We want to restore the old world. Our strenght is in quick actions, stealth ability and suddenness. Our arnament is simple but reliable.
    Confederation - we tried to build a new perfect world without wars and violence. But today, we have to rise in arms against the global threat. We have the newest technologies and a powerful military equipment.
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    Welcome game Art Of War 3: Modern PvP! You keep the track of events. Rebels prepare to attack our bases. All appropriate security measures are taken. We are ready to rebuff! Let me introduce myself, sir! I am cheat-on - your secretary and helper. I’ll hep you to deal with a control system on a battlefield. I have all the neccessary access to secret information so you can give me any comissions.
    The minimap at the left top corner of the screen helps you to have an eye on ground. Tap on the unit to selet it. Then tap on the specified point to send the unit there. The unit and the endpoint are highlighted.
    You have successfully completed your first task android game art of war 3 modern PVP. The Fort Kyten held out, but it was just the beginning.
    Our worst fears became true! There were uprisings all over the world within few hours. The Supreme
    Command decided to send all reserves to other regions to defense strategic objects. There won't be reinforcements in South America. You can lean on your own forces. We'll help you as soon as possible. You remain under Colonel Rice command.

    The world is on fire and we are at the core! We get messages about new rebellions from every corner
    of the earth every minute. The Resistance drill impresses much but we have to crush uprising at any price. You shot your cuffs at the Fort Kyten defense so keep it up!

    Secrets gameplay Art Of War 3: Modern PvP android:
    Manufactory - headquarters is responsible for battle management. The command center is situated there. Heavy armor provides a safe protection for the command, while a built-in reserve generator and resource supply unit make it independent.
    Supply center provides resources. Due to logistics problems every nest supply center on the battlefield provides less resources than the previous one.
    Barracks - infantry units are trained in barracks. Upgrade the barracks on a battlefield to get access to new types of infantry units.
    Training takes some time and costs some resources.

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