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    endless chaos android, ios hack

    In the first year of chaotic era, the source of evil invaded the land of chaos with troops. An ancient prophet led heroes to fight against them. Finally, the ancient prophet successfully sealed the source of evil in the endless abyss. But after a thousand years, the source of evil broke the seal and refurned, reducing the land of chaos to darkness....

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    Welcome game endless chaos! Heroes, fight like there’s no tomorrow, the world will be destroyed if the sauce of evil breaks out. The normal power can’t defeat sauce of evil.

    Although heroes fight a tough battle, the source of evil cannot be resisted. At that time, a leader who will charge the world appears on the chaotic land. Don’t worry. I’ll give you some basic guide. You are the successor chosen by an ancient prophet. It’s your duty to save this chaotic continent. Take it easy. Descendants of royal lineages are here to assist you. They will become your sharp swords and fight for your honour.
    Heroes endless chaos:
    Panda - hero with hight dodge and controlling ability.Beast king - hero with high ability of removing rage, converting DMG to heal himself. Rige troll - super magical tank with powerful control. Evil Ape - assassin with high crit and DMG. Viper king - violent mage, with a spell to attack all enemies and remove their rage. Mammoth - hero with high single DMG and survivability.
    Secrets gameplay endless chaos android:
    Year 100, chaotic era, the ancient prophet’s successor came into the world, Leading one royal hero off for ajourney of adventure....Tap the hero avatars on the left to change formation. With the new companion, your team has become even more powerful.

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