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    shadowverse android, ios hack

    Arisa is training as a guardian of the forest. She is inseparable from her friend Losaria until one day a menacing creature appears in their path. Erike is the sword - wielding protector to the princess. She left the castle to investigate an infamous vampire’s final resting place. Isabelle is an alchemical researcher. The tragic death of her beloved fiance made her obsessed with the idea of resurrecting the dead. Rowen is a former commander in the royal army. His life changed when a feroicious dragon attacked his squad, He is now trying to come to terms with the consequences.
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    Welcome game shadowverse! An ominous presence has filled the skies. People know it by one name: The morning star. It is a promise of freedom. A glimpse of new worlds. A light reaching into oblivion. A shadow in mortal hearts. When darkness covers the world, the gates of annihilation will open....
    The tale of game continues with the main story, which can be found in solo. By defeating opponents, you get great rewards and cards exclusive to the Main story.
    Secrets gameplay shadowverse android:
    Evolving - followers get stronger when you evolve them. The first player can evolve followers from the 5th turn. The second player can evolve followers from the 4th turn. Ward - if you have a follower with ward in play, the opponent can’t attack any other followers. Your hand is where the cards that you draw are displayed. You can hold up to eight cards at once. Any extra cards that you draw will be shown to you and then become shadows.
    Cards can be played by spending play points. You can attack by dragging your follower onto an enemy. At the start of your turn android game shadowverse, you gain an additional play point orb, and all empty orbs are refilled. You can shoose to attack the enemy leader even if they have a follower in their area. When your opponent has a follower with Ward in play, you can’t attack any other enemies until you have destroyed it.
    One evolution point can be spent to evolve a follower once per turn. Only one follower can be evolved per turn. The first player receives two evolution points per battle and the second player receives three.

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