hacking Fishing hero
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    Hacked Fishing hero android, ios

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    Fishing hero android, ios hack

    Welcome to game! Maybe some of you have already heard of me. I’m your special fishing guide, cheat-on. You can move to different fishing areas from world map. Each areas has different stages. When you have a higher level, you can move to the next stage and meet bigger fish.
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    Welcome game Fishing hero! Once the casting’s started, the casting bar will move. When you press the button one more time, the pointer will stop. The closer you get to the blue zone, the easier it is to catch big fish. When the casting is complete, you’ll see a float on the right side. When the float is fully under the water, that’s the perfect timing! Don’t hesitate - just press the catch button.
    When the hook is successful, the fighting will begin. When all the stamina is gone, the fish will pass out. Remember that. The gauge you see right is the tension gauge. As you reel in, the tension will increase. When the gauge is full, the fishing line will snap. So be careful with reeling. Fishing time depends on the fish species. If you can’t catch anything within a given time, the fishing line will also break.

    Secrets gameplay Fishing hero android:
    Warning: you cannot change your character once it’s selected. Female - as a child she helped her father write an encyclopedia on a fish before he died in a sudden accident.

    If you want to catch stronger species, try using pro fishing line. You collect ranking points every time you successfully catch a fish. You can get nice rewards if you score well in the rankings. You can either put fish inside the aquarium or choose sell to get gold. If you want to learn more about fishing techniques, go to settings and press the fishing techniques. Fish have four different statuses: normal, anger, rampage, and underwater. It gets more difficult when the anger gauge goes up! The anger gauge goes up when you reel in or use skills. You’ll get used to this soon. When the fish changes its status, the gauge will also change.
    You can use all 3 basic skills fishing hero:
    Tug - to minimize the distance from the fish. Weave - to lower their stamina, or pump - to stop tension increase.
    You can use all three skills by clicking the icons at the bottom left corner. You can’t use these powerful skills right after one another. It’s better to use them right after the cooldown.

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