hacking Mythikos
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    Hacked Mythikos android, ios

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    • give dusk summon - Vxae83. Summoning 10 quarantees a monster.

    Mythikos android, ios hack

    Hello little fox, ohh don’t struggle... Be a good fox now and give me your Mytho essence! No time to explain quick, we must fight them off, otherwise it will be the end of us both! From now on, we have a pact, you and i! You will be my monster keeper in the real world! Monster target points are listed on the left, with the first weakpoint selected by default.
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    Welcome game Mythikos! Attacking the default target point is not always the best choice. You should search for the monster’s real weakpoints to attack it more effectively. Hold the Mytho Lens on the monster until the weak point is revealed. You see, when a monster doesn’t have enough mytho essence, they begin to disappear. Collect monster fragments to craft more monsters!

    Players can use engraving stones on equipment via the monsters menu to open slots for attaching insignias after reaching level 20. Attaching insignias can greatly increase monsters’ BP! Clear all stages with a 3 star rating to ressive a reward chest!

    Secrets gameplay Mythikos android:
    A smart line-up in combination with using the Mytho Lens can do a lot to ensure your victory. Items in the store may vary according to the level of the customer! Before the battle, you can tap and hold on enemy avatars to view more information needed to adjust you line-up. Insignia can be attached into equipment blue grade and above. Some boss weakpoints have a certain amount of HP and can be destroyed. Others have no HP, and cannot.

    how to enter hack cheats Mythikos.

  • how and where enter
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