hacking hunters chronicle
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    Hacked hunters chronicle android, ios

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    hunters chronicle android, ios hack

    Return to the time before legends were born. Make your own mark in history and witness its movement. Tap auto upgrade and your equipment becomes more powerful! You’re an offecial member of the hunters now! Let me teach you about the battle controls. You can move your character by using the directional pad. Attack monsters with the attack button. Tap the attack button at the right moment to trigger a special combo. A special combo is stronger than a normal combo and can deal bonus damage.
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    Welcome game hunters chronicle!Archer - ranged physical attack, can keep dealing damage. Warrior - melee physical attack, good at charging forward. Lancer - melee magical attack, good at assault. Tactician - ranged magical attack, good at restraining enemies.
    Valkyrie - this battlemage uses a primary weapon to engage in close combat and magic to deal with enemies at a long range. Berserker - this warrior excels in close combat and uses gauntlets as well as a primary weapon.

    Secrets gameplay hunters chronicle android: all skills can be enhanced with gold coins and skill points. Active skills consume gold coins, and passive skills consume skill points. Active skills can be automatically acquired. Active skills are automatically learned when you reach certain levels. Upgrade your skills by using coins. Use block to thwart enemy attacks and neutralize damage. However, magic attacks and some skill attacks cannot be blocked. Press block at the moment of the enemy’s attack to deflect it. This in turn triggers the counterattack. The counterattack pushes the enemy back and deals great damage.

    Skills hunters chronicle are special attacks that can deal great damage. Skills consume mana and you must wait for the cooldown to reset before you can use the skill again. As your level increases, you can learn new skills. Using a skill consumes mana. In order to recover your mana, attack enemies or absorb blue orbs that can be found from jars. If you get injured, use a health potion to recover your health. One health potion is recharged per dungeon.

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