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    Hacked magic of millemarks android, ios

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    magic of millemarks android, ios hack

    Hello, millemarker! Your millmark power made you resonated with our ship. That’s why you’ve been dragged into the wormhole. My name is chea-on. I live in this island since i was born. You must be freaked out by the red monsters you met on the sea! What a poor boy! If you have nowhere to go, would you go with me to join the MR. Zheng’s army? Mr. Zheng is recruit people against the red monsters.
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    Welcome game magic of millemarks! Here comes a promblem... Mr. Zheng wouldn’t recruit the nobody. So, let me teach you how to fight! Move at least 3 pieces into a line to match, that can launch an attack! Your attack will deduct enemy’s HP. When enemy’s HP drops to 0, we win. In the same way, if our HP drops to 0, we lose this combat. Each time you move a piece means you use a turn and it subtracts 1 of your left- turns. When your left-turns become 0, you lose. The number at the left bottom of each enemy’s portrait is attack-countdown. Everytime our left-turns is subtracted 1, the attack -countdowns of each enemy are subtracted 1. When it turns 0, the enemy will attack.
    Based on the shape magic of millemarks and numbers of pieces you eliminated, you will launch different skills. Eliminate 4 pieces at lest to launch you skill strike! It’s unnecessary to match three every move. You can make a strategic move for a much more powerful elimination.

    Secrets gameplay magic of millemarks android: eliminating blue pieces is the fastest way to ain energy. The more pieces you eliminated, the more damage you give. Getting a shield by eliminating green pieces in your turn before enemy’s attack will absorb some damage you take. The level of explorers will up when your rank ups untill level 30. Press and hold th piece to see the instruction. You can check the skill information of the character by pressig and holding the portrait in battle. While i’m in good mood, i shall tell you one more secret.

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