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    sacred legends android, ios hack

    The demon king met his demise at the palace of Agony, leaving his monstrous horde to ravage the land. The city is turning to ashes and dust, i have to escape through the sewers! Enemies ahead! I will have to fight my way through them! Luckily, i can use a health potion to heal myself! Allthis fighting charged up my most powerful ability! My enemies will fall before my terrible wrath!

    My strength is failing and i cannot fight the demons alone... But the demons kept prisoners nearby! Maybe i can convince one of them to join me. Heroes, i need your help! The land of Ancaria is peril, who will stand with me and put an end to this demonic plague?
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    Welcome game sacred legends! The Seraphim strikes the battlefield with her holy might, punishing her enemies and shielding allies. The warrior has strong melee skills and focuses on breaching enemy defenses and protecting her friends in battle. The archer has a mix of ranged and melee skills, using traps and poison to fight his enemies.

    Hero, welcome to the secret hideout of the Seraphim order. This is a safe haven, a p;ace to strengten yourself gor the trials to come. We cannot linger. We need to follow the trail of the demons while it is still hot!

    Secrets gameplay endless castle android: only uncommon (green) or higher rarity equipment can be enhanced in the forge! Complete your daily missions for an extra reward! When your character levels up, you be able to access more active and passive skills. Passive skills improve your character permanently. Upgrade both active and passive skills regularly! All items you obtain in your adventures are stored in your inventory. Weapons can have different battle skills. Look for a weapon with a different skill, then exchange it with your current weapon to change skill. Earn 3 stars to blitz the stage. You can use diamonds or keys sacred legends to obtain powerful items from each chest.

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