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    Hacked Arcane quests 3 android, ios

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    Arcane quests 3 android, ios hack

    It has been 10 years since you defeated Lord Zaralor, bringing a new hope to the people of Auria. The realm has finally seen its peace, with your guild as its guardian and protector. Even your rival guild, The Cobras, seem to have accepted your rank and have put an end to their lust for fame. Today we celebrate the tenth anniversary of your success, and all the governors of the Realm have been invited to join the celebrations. Your adventure begins here. Have a safe journey, heroes...

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    Welcome game Arcane quests 3! You have just awoken in your chamber, in your guild fortress within the city of Namria. The fortress had been the seat of Lords in ancient times, of Dragon-slayers and Arcane sorcerers. Now it houses your guild, the most successful in the Realm of Auria.

    You walk over to the window of your tower chamber, through the morning sun's glow. Despite your slumber, you are alert. You are never drowsy when you wake. You look out over the realm which you have fought hard to bring peace to. The dawn sun bathes the villages, and the treetops, and the mountain peaks in gold. Despite the warmth, a shiver runs up your spine. You feel unsettled... last night's sky had welcomed a new moon.

    Each hero Arcane quests 3 can carry a limited amount of items. This limit can be increased by purchasing new belts at the blacksmith. The items in your inventory are lost when you complete a quest. If you purchase a chest for your guild, you will be able to keep some of them for the next missions. When the inventory window is open, you can still switch between your heroes to quickly check their inventory.

    Secrets gameplay Arcane quests 3 android: Every turn, each of your heroes is allowed to move and perform one of the following actions: Attack an enemy, cast a spell, disarm a trap
    The following actions are free to use: use a consumable item, search the area for secrets, search an item or chest. Chests usually contain better prizes than others, but you may also have a bad surprise! If you are close to a visible trap, you can try to disarm it.
    To disarm the trap arcane quest 3, you will roll the special dice, and check the result: the trap is disarmed, and you receive a gold reward, the trap exploded, your hero loses some health, nothing happens
    Remember that disarming traps costs one action. Your hero won't be able to perform further attacks during this turn.

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    When you are not in a dungeon, you will be able to manage your hero, improve his stats and learn new skills. You can change the hero's equipment at anytime during the game. Every time the hero gains a level, you will have 2 stat points and one skill point to assign.
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