hacking shield of kingdoms
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    Hacked shield of kingdoms android, ios

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    shield of kingdoms android, ios hack

    My lord, we have built our own city! There is a small troop approaching from the south of the city! Destroy the military flag. Go to recruit the opponent with tricks. Construction - develop castle facilities to build a strong army. Hero practice - exp potions can lvl up heroes quickly.
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    Welcome game shield of kingdoms! Send Zhang Fei to fight against enemies in the front. Zhao Yun is an excellent damage dealer. Lu Bu is extremely versatile. Diao Chan is a powerful support heroine. Yuanji - ranged magical DPS damages enemies in a range and reduces their SPD. Xu Shu - ranged magical DPS dmgs all enemies and slow them. After selecting heroes, tap start to begin the battle.

    Skills: tricky knife - the handle is made of pure gold. The user will pretend to abandon the knife in battle and stab with a small knife. Steel blade - a roughly-made sword. Don’t rely too much on it or you will be sorry. Shield attack (opening skill): when Cao Ren joins the battle, he summons the Rakshasa shield that absorb 355 physical DMG for him. (Enjoys HP Bonus).

    Secrets gameplay shield of kingdoms android: trying to throw soap into the enemy’s barracks. Trying to disconnect the opponent’s network. Try the lightning skill! It can deal massive magic damage. You are worth teachin. Remeber, lightning is the best choice against low magic defense target. More skills to be learnt in the future! Equip 4 pieces of gear for your hero to evolve him. Summoning audiences in town. Heroes are wearing armors.

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