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    Hacked fantasyArena android, ios

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    fantasyArena android, ios hack

    In the 16th centuy, the mania for discovery and coquest of new lands gripped the world. Into this milieu stepped a young adventurer, Philips...For many years, Philips had never forgotten his grandpa’s tales of the magic land. Thus inspired, he decided to set sail for glory with his small crew and a mysterious map given to him by his grandfather.
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    Welcome game fantasyArena! On the 200th day of journey, the crew’s fortunes were changed by the sudden appearance of a leviathan, which destroyed their craft. After some time, he woke up to discover fierce monsters approaching aggressively! In arena, you can have a real-time battle with other players. In arena, the side with the highest total attack wins after 12 rounds.

    Moon priestess (passive skill - going home) - after death, it health the friendly unit with the least HP. Forest elegy - health all friendly units and gives them continuous healing for 2 rounds.

    Secrets gameplay fantasyArena android: think carefully if there are any better combination of skills to use. Tap skill icon to see description during the battle. You get 1 more crystlas every round. Some skills affect both sides, like light priest’s equality. Silenced unit cannot use manual skill. Disarmed unit cannot use normal attack. Stunned unit cannot do anyting. Tap hero and hold to see buff or debuff, aura and passive during the battle.

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