hacking chaos legends
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    Hacked chaos legends android, ios

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    chaos legends android, ios hack

    When God gave rise to heaven and earth the Sky demon possessed king Zhou and made him belive that. King Wu was coming to take his territory, king Zhou was angry and led his troops to eliminate the Duke of the West’s family. The heavens are in turmoil. Nobles make themselves kings to resist the tyrant Yin Shang. Four world saints were called upon to assist Jiang Ziya’s crusade against the tyrant. A new story starts....
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    Welcome game chaos legends! Warrior - balanced fighter, soldier - close-range expert, mage - master of fire and ice. Use the virtual joystick to move character.
    Skills: hurricane (group attack skill) - this skill has a wide range, making it effective against multiple enemies. Blade Thrust (teleportation skill) - dash forward with immense force, smashing through all in your path. Blade dance (massive damage) - an attack of incredible force leading to massive damage.

    Secrets gameplay chaos legends android: remember to check your magi’s stats and upgrade its skills. Search for treasures within the secret solider instance is the key. Be careful of the enemy state’s forces when you burn the army camp. They may be in the vicinity! State wars start at 20:00 of tuesdays and fridays. Perk’s skill book can be obtained within instances. Achieve the assignment and obtain large amount of ingots. A state war ends when the attacking team seizes the main flag.

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