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    Hacked eden android, ios

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    eden android, ios hack

    If we could start again, what kind of world would we build? In these troubled times a group of strangers have the opportunity to find out. Tatally alone, they wil have just enough resources to get strated. Welcome to android game! The camp fire has become the main focus of the community, it is the best place to listen in and hear what the camp-mates have to say.

    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game eden! Build a camp and grow the community. Camp fire - the heart of the community, if everyone is happy and productive, the will burn brightly. If not, the fire will die. Choose how many people to send when collecting resources. More people can carry more resources and harvest things faster too. People will take items back to the store house where you can keep them safe.
    Next, we will need more wood to keep the fire burning and to build our camp. The forests near the stream are the best place to gather wood. Toilet - answer natures call by placing one of these in your camp. Shower - relax after a hard days work in he camp with this. Stone house - keep all your supplies safe and dry in the store. Upgrade the store to increase capacity.You will find a number of useful items hidden under leaves and shrubs, and amongst piles of rocks and sand dunes.

    Secrets gameplay eden android: always make sure the camp fire is burning brightly. Tap on the camp fire to find out what the community needs next. When the task is complete, collect your reward. Water is essential for survival, make sure you collect plenty of water and often. You will need to clear away some of the environment to make more space for your camp. Sometimes you might find a nice reward too. Upgrade the buildings to access new tools and equipment. Explore the area to find food and other essential items.

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