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    What personality do want for your hero? It will have an effect in battle. Natural leader - your entire battle team gains a 3% bonus to all stats in battle. Charismatic - heroes of the opposite sex gain a bonus to all stats. Glutton - all heroes gain a 10% bonus to HP. Level-headed - all gain a 10% bonus to defense. Clumsy - gain bonus to power. Lone wolf - the hero with this trait gains a 25% bonus to all stst in battle.

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    Welcome game legends of Heropolis! Now pick a hobby. Hobbies affect relationships with friends: karaoke, archeology, fishing, gardening, tropical fish. I offer assistance to all the heroes here. This town’s been levelled to the ground by our archenemies, the dreadful Evilcorp. So. Let’s fix this place up and get back. First, let’s build somewhere for you new hero to live. Scroll to select a location. Keep your finger on the item while scrolling to make fine adjustments.

    Secrets gameplay legends of Heropolis android: take advantage of your team leader’s personality in battle. You can get coins once a day. It’s a good idea to consider location first when you want to build something new. If you need to heal, hold the attack icon and you will recover HP. If you wait and don’t attack for a short while, your HP will recover little by little. Heroes living in homes with high recovery power will recover HP faster. When the gauge on your hero’s nameplate fills, you can heromorph. When an arrow appears on your hero’s nameplate, swipe left to heromorth and activate the power of their suit.Hero morph suits each have their own weakness and fortes.

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