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    gods wars android, ios hack

    At the beginning of the Genesis of the world, the world is full of energy. And all kinds of creatures appeared, including the legendary dragonkin, Ancient Doblin, Element, and so on. Nurtured by the source energy, emong stood out some demanding purgatory and absorbing source. As time went by, they demanded the rules of Universe, transcending the longevity limit and got immortality along with the power to destroy the world, even the power to create the planets and life. Gradually, they were known by all families - as Gods.
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    Welcome game gods wars! The seal is in the middle of the sleep forest, and this is the spell. Only you can seal the devil elves again, because of your blood. Be careful! Move player, ckick attack key to attack enemy character. Get new weapon, you can find it in item menu. System let me remind you, remeber to add attribute points to upgrade, or to be torn monsters. Agility and stamina can improve your deffense.

    Secrets gameplay gods wars android: some material is get by combining. Be aware to add skill or status point after level up. Early to learn deepest skill of one line. Remember to buy more crystal core and scroll. Combine may get high level weapon. You can enhance, enchant, enchase equipments.

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