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    cosmos champions android, ios hack

    The woes of a creator. To create a sentient being only to have to destroy it because of its imperfections. Only when a selfless angel steps forward to save them will these humans stand a chance. Creator's promise: “if an angel can lead these humans to the stars, then I will allow this world to live on.” The very survival of these beings relies entirely on you, Divine One.
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    Welcome game cosmos champions! Don't panic! Follow my lead and you'll learn how to use the three rows effectively! Front row – all troops on this row will attack. Most attack skills may only be used on this row. Mid row – most support skills may only be used on this row. Some troops may also attack here. Back row- all troops will slowly recover HP here. Most healing skills may only be used on this row. Keep rotating your rows and master the art of war. While rotating rows, your troops will unleash skills they have that correspond to each row.

    Secrets gameplay cosmos champions android: The front row takes the most damage, so keep an eye out! Only your first row will take damage. Make sure to rotate them out! Every troop is unique. Even troops of the same class could vary in strength. Troops use different skills in different rows. Warrior – great at attacking, so they should be in the front. Paladins are best in the mid row! He can protect allies in the front row with a shield that absorbs damage. You can recover HP cosmos champions while in the back. Once your HP is full, you can use your ultimate skill!

    Collect troop souls from battles and treasure chests cosmos champions, and you'll be able to unlock new classes in the Barracks. Adding a new type of troop to your lineup will definitely affect your tactics in battle. Rangers can attack from mid row as long as there's no one blocking in front. Their will be even stronger! You can train all classes of troops in the barracks!

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