metal soldiers cheats
  • Cheats: coins, shoes, magnet, weapon. Hacking game metal soldiers android.

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    Letter cheats and codes .

    metal soldiers android

    Recently there was a game called “metal soldiers” in the device android. A game about a soldier who must destroy the enemy army for some time. At each location there are additional interval of a second, which will help to pass on.

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    Also available are a soldier shoes and magnesium, which helps to collect coins . As for killing the enemy you earn a certain amount of coins. The money is needed to improve the skills of the jump or the shield.
    More coins are needed for the resurrection of your fighter after his death. Just do not forget about the discovery of new weapons and new characters .

    Cheats metal soldiers android

    List of letter codes in the hacking game:

    Shoes - iHdwSG
    Magnet - yaAjrq
    Increased time - e2bzwa
    Coins - 1lccxR
    Super jump - BMBnwH
    Shield - cNMhzv
    choose the other characters - qrvIf7
    Free new weapons - lrNt00
    collecting the clocks - 0xqBw7
    play this game with your Wi-Fi connection off - dQY9Yv

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