hacking age of heroes conquest
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    Hacked age of heroes conquest android, ios

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    age of heroes conquest android, ios hack

    For 100 years king Felendis ruled the kingdom of Eridun, uniting its heroes under his banner. Now the king has died, and Eridun is under siege. Its heroes are lost and leaderless. My visions have shown that unless a worthy successor arises, Eridun will fall. I am the oracle. Are you the champion I seek?
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    Welcome game age of heroes conquest! Our walls have fallen, bandits are storming the castle. Take command of those heroes! It's time to fight back. Tap on the enemy you want your hero to attack and tap the ability you want your hero to attack with. You can also touch and hold on any ability to learn more about it. Some abilities need to cool down before you can use them again. Use bash while death spark cools down this turn. Well done, but the fight isn't over yet. I sense that someone need your help! Tap on the portrait below to view your new quest.
    So you're the commander that Oracle spoke of. I hope you're as good as her visions imply. We need a leader, and Shaide needs backup. If you defeat the enemies blocking his escape, he could be of use to you.

    Secrets gameplay age of heroes conquest android: each hero's element has a strength and a weakness. Arlok's attack is strong against the targeted enemy, use it! Use elemental tactics wisely to build strong teams. Choose your attacks carefully, and you'll emerge from battle victorious. Symbols above the enemy's health bar will show you if your attack will be strong or weak. Be sure to collect your rewards for completing each quest. Many fights will have multiple waves. To win you'll need to defeat them all. In the home you'll be able to seek glory with your guild and join thrilling events! In the market age of heroes conquest you can obtain resources, equipment, and heroes.

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