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    Duels x machina android, ios hack

    In spite of the passing eons, I am grateful to have met you...I am here to guide you.. You may call me Machina. Consider me the spirit of that in your hands, of your Covenant stone. Do not be surprised. There isn't the time for questions. I sense there is one in dire need of the mana within you. I will take you to a place of legends.
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    Welcome game duels x machina! Don't you see, wielder? As we speak, she stands against the darkness. Her power is draining. You must grant her your strength and fight by her side! Now, wielder! It's time you entered the fray! First we'll need to summon a unit to attack with from your hand. In order to summon a unit, you'll need to spend a from of energy known as mana. The number in the top left corner signifies how much mana is needed to use a card. Drag the card from your hand to the field to summon it. Units with blitz skill are unaffected by fatigue and can attack immediately after they are summoned. You can also tap and hold a card to view its skills.

    Secrets gameplay duels x machina android: decrease the opponent's life total to 0 to claim victory. Summon units to the field to attack your opponent. Drag the unit from your hand to the specified territory, then release it summon it. Units have fatigue the turn they are summoned. They have to wait a turn to attack. Tap the end turn button when you're ready to pass the turn. See the mana gauge on the left side of your screen? The number shown is the amount of mana you can use this turn. You may already know this, but mana recovers completely at the start of each turn. Your total mana also increased by 1 each turn. That means each passing turn you will be able to use increasingly more powerful cards.
    Story mode duels x machina is where you can explore dynamics as you fight your way through various duels. If you're feeling uncertain, use this mode to build your knowledge of duels as well as bolster your decks before taking on ranked play! Golden cards are equivalent to their reqular counterparts and count towards the deck limit.

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