hacking masquerade the faceless
  • Cheats, hack masquerade: ruby gems, unlimited essence, treasure chest, topaz arena rank, mask soulstone, gamble hammer. Hacked game masquerade the faceless android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked masquerade the faceless android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack unlimited essence - ge3wdw;

    • rare treasure chest - dd2ssq;

    • meteor powders - dew2we;

    • gamble hammer — gr5fcd. You can obtain items (different from the reward you've just earned) and gold. There's a higher chance of acquiring an advanced item;

    • topaz arena rank - gntb53;

    • ruby gems - 3rfg3q;

    • mask soulstone — hnjio9. Mask soulstones are required to enhance;

    • free chest — 4rft2w.

    masquerade the faceless android, ios hack

    Long ago when the spirits and humans have once coexisted...The great mask carver, Kron, created a Mask that invited him to the world of Inua. He traveled across the world and engraved the faces of Inua on his mind. Upon his return, Kron carved a mask that resembled the face of Inua. His hands began to deteriorate, but such hardship did not hinder the masker. His mask encompassed the world that he keenly admired. And finally, the last mask was coming to a completion.
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    Welcome game masquerade the faceless! Alas, the demons ambushed and crushed Kron's body into pieces. His ,asks soon vanished with the dark beings. The dark beings their new identity through Kron's Mask. They were now able to set their foot on the world they were longing to enter. Villages were demolished due to the demons' attack. Only a handful of villages remained. As if that was not enough, village “masquerade the faceless“ became filled with deformed newborns. Children were born faceless and were eventually led to death. A prophet, who was drawn by the light of destiny, appears at a small village in a secluded forest.
    Forgotten warrior, your help is needed. Village of outcasts was preparing a ritual for the masquerade the faceless child. Tanat handed them a mask that was once worn by the forgotten warrior. I will come back when it's time. 20 years later Tanat returns to the village of outcasts with the masked warriors. However, demons who have been after Tanat decides to ambush. People begin to scatter and leave the ablaze village.
    Tanat loses the person he was looking for. The chaos is about to break out.

    Secrets gameplay masquerade the faceless android: appearance of the mask changes whenever leveled up by 5. Appearance of the mask will change when you equip it. You can launch the monster by swiping the attack button up. You can drag or push the monster by swiping the attack button down. If you can't avoid an attack, tap the Dash button to evade. You can evade towards the desired direction. Equipment is divided into 7 grades. The higher the grade, the more bonus stats.

    Characters android game masquerade the faceless: lambast – attacks with a giant gauntlet. High in def with a powerful single strike damage. Phaedra – attacks with a long blade. Able to carry on long-range attack with high attack speed. Reaper – attacks with a deadly scythe. Has a long attacking range with great balance.

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