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    Aralon age of dark kingdom android, ios hack

    Welcome, dear warrior! Titans are calling you! Evil spirits may come and destroy the world at any time! And now, my warrior, you are the only one who dares fight against the horrible evil spirits! This is your calling! So, you need to practice constantly to enhance the combat effectiveness against their invasion! Currently, to upgrade your level is your primary purpose!
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    Welcome game age of dark kingdom! Mages, symbol of wisdom, mastering kinds of mysterious spells. They can not only cause damage to multi-enemies with elemental power, also duplicate and rebound enemies' attack through occult. Soldier – warriors, daredevil and always in forefront of battle. Huge axes turn them to bemeat-grinders of battle; while swordsand shields makethem of patronsaints of teammates. Priest, voice of God, advancing under the guidance of holy light. They use holy power to heal teammates as well as punish enemies. Assassins, dancers in shadow, synonymous with death. Either holding daggers for close quarter combate or using bows for long-distant shot has only one goal, that is to kill enemies at full speed.

    Secrets gameplay age of dark kingdom android: however, living in such a turbulent world, you need not only sophisticated weapons and equipment, but also healing creams and potions. Although you can use a variety of potions in combat, you should enhance your own strength, ot you'll be unable to defeat powerful enemies no matter how many potions you take with you. Putting on the equipment can increase your attributes. The better equipment us and the more precious materials are, the higher attributes you will get. Remember! Put on the new equipment once you gain a suitable advanced one to ensure your safty. The quality of equipments age of dark kingdom are ranking from weak to strong: white, green, blue, purple, orange and gold. Orange and gold equipments are suits. You will get additional attribute assigned once you collect a full set of suit.

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