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    Star Crusade android, ios hack

    At the start of each battle, you can swap out some cards. Revenge will activate after the unit is destroyed. Be careful! Weapons lose charges with each attack. Some cards can be enhanced by spending extra energy. Congratulations on completing the trials and good luck in battle, commander!
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    Welcome game Star Crusade! Saturate fire – deal damage to target character and damage to a random enemy character. Overwatch – when the enemy attacks your commander, deal damage to the attacker. The cypher will activate when the opponent triggers it. While unit has screen on the field, you can not attack other enemies. Choose a target and the activate ability will work when the card is played from your hand. Tap on any card or unit and hold to get more information. Commander's ability (if active) may be used once per turn and does not require a card to use.

    Secrets gameplay Star Crusade android: each turn, you draw a new card. Drag your unit card to the enemy unit to attack it. Each unit loses health equal to enemy's attack. To win you need to reduce enemy commander's health to 0! Each battle, you start with 1 supply. Each turn, you get 1 extra supply. You need to spend supply equal to a unit's cost to deploy it. Attacking your opponent also gives you energy. Module costs energy to use. To activate module, drag it to a friendly unit.
    You can purchase additional booster packs Star Crusade through the store! Each booster pack has 6 cards, including at least one elite card! You can get rewards for completing missions. Missions change daily so come back often to get your rewards!

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