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    Hacked Soul Tactics android, ios

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    Soul Tactics android, ios hack

    Come and learn how to play soul tactics! If you place two heroes with the same attribute vertically activates the frontmost hero. Not activated when attributes do not match. When a hero is activated, they will attack after the number of turns indicated. Heroes deal as much damage to enemies as their ATK and can block enemy attacks with as much HP as they have. When ACT reaches 0, your opponent's turn will begin. When it's your tuen, the hero's turns decrease by 1 and when the hero's turns reach 0, they attack.
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    Welcome game Soul Tactics! Attack the enemy player's row, and when its HP reaches 0, you win! Move your hero and activate the knight of light! Push the summon button to summon a hero.
    Day of hell – sprays fire on an enemy base during an attack ad deals damage to all enemy heroes. Divine protection – during an attack, attack heroes are granted 1 hp and 2 atk for each burst (it does not increase beyond the basic HP for allied heroes). Echo of death – every time a hero of the same attribute dies, your atk increases by 5.

    Secrets gameplay Soul Tactics android: heroes have their own unique characteristics depending on which of five attributes they are: light, darkness, fire, water, earth. Touch the enemy hero after touching the spell below. Flipping the screen – in battle, you can slide the screen up or down to change your point of view. Unactivated heroes may have as much HP as the slots that they occupy and when activated heroes attacks, they are then attacked themselves. If you directly attack the enemy player, their HP decreases.
    When you do not have enough heroes Soul Tactics, you can summon more heroes using the summon button. If you tap the summon button on the bottom right, a hero will be summoned. For one summon, 3 heroes are summoned randomly, and the summon button indicates the number of summonable heroes along with the number of heroes lost on the battlefield. When the number of summonable heroes reaches 0, your heroes will be recharged on the next turn. Special match Soul Tactics – there are various patterns of special matching, and when you achieve a pecial match, your act increases by 1. In Soul Tactics you can try out a variety of tactics through special matching based on the battlefield conditions. Based on the situation in which they are activated, heroes have a variety of special matching patterns. When a special match occurs, your ACT increases by 1.

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