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    Hacked Pet Monsters android, ios

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    Pet Monsters android, ios hack

    Deminions have gone out of control, help save the city! Deminions work best as a team. Atom smasher produces new deminons. Shoot the capsule into the smasher! Pickups give you the edge in a fight. This one fills the deminion's mana bar.
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    Welcome game Pet Monsters!Pull back and release to attack the enemy deminion! When an enemy deminion's turn counter reaches 0 it will attack! Aim to hit several deminions in one turn. Follow the highlighted path! Combos increase damage with each additional hit! Each deminion has a mana meter. Every turn it fills a little. You gain more mana by shooting a deminion through its team mates! You can always pull and hold a champion to get the elements legend to appear. Remember, heroes used for energy will be spent in the process. Level up to increase your stamina, inventory size, and revives.

    Secrets gameplay Pet Monsters android: you can always revisit previous battles to gain extra XP, deminions, and gold! Fighting dark enemies? Use light characters. Each hero has an element. Friends and enemies alike. Some are stronger against others. Fire character do extra damage to nature deminions! Hero can be weaker, stronger or neutral to those of other elements. Upgrade your characters to make your team stronger! Tap on a hero to enter its profile. To upgrade, you harness energy from other hero. Stronger deminions give more energy.

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