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  • Cheats, hack Puzzle Guardians: diamond, guardian pack, gold coins, treasure, free spin, stone. Hacked game Puzzle Guardians android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Puzzle Guardians android, ios

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    • diamond — fsiop9;

    • stone — itiqkT;

    • gold coins — m7Nbcd;

    • treasure — lkUerc;

    • free spin — fr3t2w.

    Puzzle Guardians android, ios hack

    Hello there! My name is cheat-on, and I will guide you through the basics. You can attack an opponent by lining up the Red gem. Lining up blue gems increases your power gauge, allowing you to activate skill. Lining up purple gems will summon your guardian to attack the enemy. And lastly, pink gems restore your health, and gold gem gives you gold.
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    Welcome game Puzzle Guardians! Each time you move or attack, the enemy's turn will reduce. When their turn reaches 0, you will get hit. Watch out when an enemy's turn becomes red. Its a warning that the enemy will use their skill on the next turn. Some cells on the board are special. Matching the gems to the special cells will grant you a bonus spin. Other than obtaining an item or a buff, it also affect the star you will earn in each stage.

    Secrets gameplay Puzzle Guardians android: criteria for getting 3 star victory – complete a stage with HP more than 30% left; open all treasure box; eliminate all monsters. You can match 2 types of gems in a turn. Some guardians have special ability to increase your power. If you find yourself running low on inventory space, you can sell your unwanted items. You can bring a maximum of three guardians to assist you in battles. You will get to unlock more guardian slots as you level up.

    how to enter hack cheats Puzzle Guardians.

  • how and where enter
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