hacking MMA Fighting Clash
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    Hacked MMA Fighting Clash android, ios

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    MMA Fighting Clash android, ios hack

    Welcome to new android game! Follow this tutorial instructions to learn basic moves and gameplay. Big steps – using joystick on left side drag it more in the direction up, down, left and right to make bigger steps. Basic punches – do the following on the right side of the screen. Tab – jab, swipe – cross, swipe up – uppercut, swipe down – bodypunches.
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    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game MMA Fighting Clash! Block – by pressing with two figers on the screen you block your opponents punches. Your block breaks after two hits. Clinch strikes – by pressing on the red button on the bottom right corner, you do knee strikes. Knee clinch – press the pulsing green icon on the bottom right corner as fast as you can, to fill up the bar to damage your opponent. Take down – press the green icon on the bottom right corner to get your opponent down on the ground. Ground punches -by pressing on the left side of the screen you punch your opponent and generate special ground moves.

    Secrets gameplay MMA Fighting Clash android: take down mini game – press the pulsing green icon on the bottom right corner as fast as you can. If you fill up the bar you knock your opponent down on the ground and you will start ground event. If you are not fast enough the opponent will reject you. It can be just used in the middle of the ring. You can also get knocked out when you are in critical! It does not matter how much life you have left. Boost – you can boost your current fighter in all selection screnes, by 1% for each boost. Unlocking – after every fight you will get coins, that you can use to get new fighters. You can also complete our four special fighters.
    Keep an eye on your stamina, don't get too tired or you will not be able to punch.
    Full version features MMA fighting clash:
    career in different weight classes with any created purchased fighter.
    league and challenges.
    3 weight categories
    character customization
    library with over 100 moves that you can set up for your fighters
    store with fighters, clothing, abilities, boosts and much more.

    how to enter hack cheats MMA Fighting Clash.

  • how and where enter
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