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    medal masters android, ios hack

    1 year ago medallion kingdom shining with the magic spells which summon heroes with medals. One day, an expedition discovered a mysterious ancient medal in some the deep old ruins. A summoner who sensed the hidden power awoke the medal in secret to try to gain its absolute power. What appeared was the devil who had been sealed for a thousand years by ancient magic. With its new found freedom, the devil began to corrupt the medal heroes to for man army and conquer the kingdom.

    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game medal masters! Countless summoners gathered from all corners of the land to stop the Devil and its evil deeds. And now the destiny of facing the devil is approaching you, a novice summoner hailing from a small town of the kingdom.
    I will personally explain for you so be grateful and listen. Camp – everything is done from here! You can go out to the battlefield from here. Select the chapter that looks like a tower, and select the stage you wish, to enter the battlefield.
    The devil's army! They used to be our kingdom's soldiers. But are now under the devil's control. Anyways, they are definitely enemies now. Don't take them lightly!

    Secrets gameplay medal masters android: blue option cards are composed of cards related to mp an skills. Every skill needs time to prepare. This is called cooldown. When the skill is ready after cooldown, the portrait frame will begin to shine! Every hero has a different skill so keep that in mind! The amount of mana used varies depending on skills! If you just spam skills, the mana globe will become depleted quickly. So think before using them!
    Recovery beads medal masters – you can get them by defeating enemies. Red for health and blue for mana. Tapping beads will instantly recover your health. Tapping the skill button creates the magic seal. When the magic seal becomes smaller and meets the red target area, tap the skill button to activate a more powerful skill. It the magic seal is perfectly on the target, blitz will activate. A miss hit may give you great, and this will increase the skill's effect. Combos medal masters are when you succeed at blitz several times in a row. 200% of skill damage based on the current skill level will be applied every 5 combos, and then combos reset. If you time it just right in the magic seal, blitz will activate to improve your skill powers. You can use a very powerful skill every 5 combos!
    Heroes medal masters gain experience through battle and level up to become stronger! You can check your teams, their power and more.

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