hacking adventure of Diudiu
  • Cheats, hack adventure of Diudiu: gold, silver, diamond chest, partner summon coupons, runes, unlimited energy. Hacked game adventure of Diudiu android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked adventure of Diudiu android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack unlimited energy - 5truQq;

    • runes — m7Nbcd;

    • partner summon coupons — lkUerc;

    • silver — Ii98yr;

    • gold coins — Knde3w;

    • diamond chest — fr3t2w.

    adventure of Diudiu android, ios hack

    Weapon's frequent use can improve its skill experience. Skill experience level meets the requirement to unlock seal and activate weapon skill. Weapons produced by our magic continent are very powerful, but because their power is too strong, self seal will appear during production. After weapon combated with owner for a certain while, it admits the relation between owner and itself, and then activate self skills gradually, better weapons can activate more powerful skills. But the premise are time of combating with owner is long enough and skill experience is high enough. All night, figure out knack of weapon skill by yourself!
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    Welcome game adventure of Diudiu! Throwing weapons will consume energy. Energy can be recovered automatically during battle. Energy value consumed by each weapon is in weapon's bottom right. Energy can be recovery automatically during battle. Weapons have 3 tracks total. Knife is low track weapon, sword is middle, axe is big. Each weapon has durability. Weapons in the same track will be destroyed once they crash. When 2 weapons crashing, the one with lower durability will be destroyed. When durability is same, the both will be destroyed. So, please make a wise choice.

    Secrets gameplay adventure of Diudiu android: guild war begins at 10 am every saturday! After defeat all monsters in levels, chest will be dropped. Chests are divided into 3 types silver, gold, diamonds chest. You can get weapons, runes, partner summon coupons and other materials. Chests with better quality drop out better goods! After equipped, weapon will be bound with characters, only use solvent could demount. Upgrade partner with the same role and same rank, the max level would be elevated. Don't send all the partners to trial.

    how to enter hack cheats adventure of Diudiu.

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