Order Chaos 2 Redemption
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    Order & Chaos 2: Redemption review

    Choose race: human, mendel, elf, orc, kratan
    Human - Since the Deluge, Humans have become the most widespread race in Haradon due to their ability to easily adapt to new environments and utilize newly discovered technologies.
    Mendel - Small but sincere, Men dels are joyful, fun-loving, and guileless. They have developed an insatiable curiosity since relocating to the surface after their former enslavement.
    Elf - Elves are adjusting to a world where they are no longer immortal, and living in a world lacking in history. They remain intelligent and wise, but their superior attitude is wavering.
    Orc - Ores are fearless and aggressive, but also loyal and honorable. They would risk their lives equally for the chance to fight a member of a rival clan, or protect one of their own.

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    Kratan - Kratans are a proud reptilian race, cunning and fierce. Though strong in stature, they will choose diplomacy over battle if it's more efficient for them to achieve their activate.

    chose class Order & Chaos 2: Redemption: warrior, ranger, mage, monk, blood knight

    Warrior - Warriors are fearsome melee fighters. Battle only increases their Rage — which fuels their most brutal skills.
    Ranger - Rangers are dexterous combatants, fending off individual enemies or monster hordes from a distance. Their extensive training enables them to recover Stamina rapidly during a fight.
    Mage - Mages wield arcane magics. They specialize in managing their enemies and dealing damage over large areas, and quickly replenish Mana when not in combat.
    Monk - Monks believe in balance using their twin powers of Yin and Yang, they are a dual threat that can both attack and held. These two energies must be utilized equally to maintain equilibrium.
    Blood Knights sacrifice their own health to feed their special abilities. They are sworn demon slayers, and harness the power of the very monsters they hunt tosubdue their enemies.

    Order & Chaos 2: Redemption cheat codes

    • 1. 25KVM6 - unlock all skills;

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    • 3. Bj23FU - speed up ;

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    • 8. bKQCSk - no cooldown skills;

    • 9. uriz7S - enable god mode;

    • 10. o7DKfy - unlimited runes hack Order & Chaos 2: Redemption;

    • 11. HVGALc - gold coins;

    • 12. LAY0nh - arena points;

    • 13. JlACBF - soul signed;

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