Zombie hive
  • hacking game Zombie hive for money, Quantum cube. Cheats on most elite special agent, ultimate draw, dna.

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    Sorry for being late. I am Kate, an operator of bio-storm! You must got here without any info due to emergency order. This is the HIVE, weapon research center affiliated with Bio-storm. Mysterios massive zombie accident has occured. The squads get down to the basement of Hive and clearing up the zombies.

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    If upgrade the combat squad, can obtain more samples from zombies. The ap is very important when you deal with super zombie.
    the upgraded engineer robot can destroy firewall installed each floor easier.
    Carrying transport - stores the sample collected from zombies. Can earn money by selling it. Upgrade transport to increase max. loadage.

    list of cheats, hacked Zombie hive

    1) Money - qdOqU0
    2) the most elite special agent - Z71OHY
    3) premium draw - NPqZN3 . Hire basic or premium specialist.
    4) ultimate draw - lhHNAj . Hire higher Lv. Basic, ultimate, rare.
    5) Carrier - LeNl3X . Improve carrying sample efficiently.
    6) Laser cannon - 4EyYic . Destroys firewall with great energy.
    7) Sample refrigerator - lztPOV . Can sell sample at a higher price
    8) Quantum cube - bZBVFM
    9) syper DNA - bdcxim
    10) Cube detector - HhDI1m
    11) Destroy main core on 100th floor - 94YYi3

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