haking Fantasy Squad Begin of the Era
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    Hacked Fantasy Squad: Begin of the Era android, ios

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    • skill points— grt3ew;

    • medals — Knde3w;

    • gold coins — fr3t2w.

    Fantasy Squad: Begin of the Era android, ios hack codes

    Boss! You're awake. Thank goodness... You're not dead. It's me cheat-on. Assistant chief of staff of 5th task force. Did you lost your memory? Forest of blessing is a wonderful forest where spirits live. Spirits travelers can live in harmony, thanks to the queen of forest flore. The forest is not affected from any outside shocks with the protection of queen flore. The actual problem is lies in the inside.
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    Welcome game Fantasy Squad: Begin of the Era! Queen Flore has gone missing. And the curse of darkness started to spread in the forest. Now it is called cursed forest of the fantasy. The forest will find peace again if Queen Flore would be found. Area chain – synergize the power of heroes in the same area! Form a squad from the same area of origin. Heroes get same stats of 5 stars hero. You can choose which guardian to summon. You may assign a guardian by selecting one on guardian crystal. In prepare battle you can buy recovery potion and even revival potion.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Fantasy Squad: Begin of the Era android bug codes: how to use soul bubble – even attack is lower, good skill does not consume much soul bubble! Manage squad – this place is the heroes registry. Here you would be able to manage the members of your squad. We can check the stage information before we explore the area. To know and prepare against the enemies and the boss of the stage is more benefiting. You can check the current squad or switch to any reserved team you have. Tips for immortal war – try substituting teams, the waiting team will gradually recover HP!

    It is possible to wear or upgrade the equips you acquired. The item information will be shown if you tap on the equip. Heroes can have a max of 5 skills! Rebirth your hero to gain all their skills.

    how to enter hack cheats Fantasy Squad: Begin of the Era.

  • how and where enter
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