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    Chaos Battle Hero android, ios hack codes

    A place far, far away: Utopia. As its name suggests, it was a peaceful, wonderful world. But at some point, it began to change as it overlapped with countless other worlds due to space time distortions. Now, no one refers to this place as Utopia any longer. People began calling this place: the 'chaos world' – a place where words collide and mix together at random.
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    Welcome game Chaos Battle Hero!Perhaps because of their diverse origins, nobody could understand each other and so conflicts spead like wildfire. As this flame of confusion engulfed all of the cross world, the world quickly turned into a place of total cross. There are those who enjoy cross those who want to return to their own world, those who want to restore order, and those who wish to rule. As all of these different people clash in the cross world, we are faced with a situation in which the future is very uncertain. As a native resident of this world, Nemesis refused to stand back and watch as her home was devastated so in spite of her tribe's policy of isolation, she embarked on a journey to witness the madness of the world for herself.
    Realizing that she would need companions to help hero on her mission of restoring order, Nemesis discovered a foreigner from another world chaos battle hero. She sensed an unusual energy emanating from him and decided to test his abilities....

    Secrets cheat gameplay Chaos Battle Hero android bug codes: purchase items with crystals and get crystals as a reward! Based on the number of crystals used, you get anywhere from 20 to 2000 crystals as a reward!! Complete the mission and get showered with items! Try completing the mission during the vent period! Tons of rewards every time you complete a mission. Experience can be obtained through battles on the world map as well as by using green elixir.

    Before starting the battle, here are a few tips Chaos Battle Hero regarding the controls and game interface. In order from the top left, you can check the hero's HP and vitality, battle round and time limit, items obtained. Touch the move button on the right and move your hero over to the arrow. If you press the attack button, your hero will do the basic attack for wichever weapon they are holding. You can dodge attacks using jump. Aside from your basic attack, you can also use skill to attack enemies. Using skills consumes vitality. You can recover vitality by using potions. Touching the auto button allows you to run the battle in automatic mode.

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