hacking justice monsters five
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    justice monsters five android, ios hack codes

    In an explosive move of self-sacrifice, Bomb bro succeeded in repelling the bahamut Grand Fleet. The war for justice was won, and our heroes went down in history as the saviors of legend. A century has passed since the War for justice... Evil Lord Vexxos has risen from the dead. Using his third eye – the Demoneye – he has taken over the minds of monsters everywhere. The heroes who saved the Nova Galaxy, however, are nowhere to be found...Now, a new generation of heroes has risen – heroes who carry on the legacy of justice. They are the justice monsters five! And, as their predecessors did before them, they fight for the vary fate of the galaxy.
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    Welcome game justice monsters five! Tap the screen to launch a monster in its battle pod from the NSS dynamite – the character's spacecraft – and attack enemies. Swipe horizontally across the screen to launch a curved slice shot. The length of your swipe determines the angle of the curve. Monsters belong to one of six elements: fire, water, earth, thunder, light, and dark. Fire>earth>thunder> water> fire. Attack with a strong element to deal 50% more damage. Attacking with a weak element halves damage dealt.

    Secrets cheat gameplay justice monsters five android bug codes: strike a boss's weak point to deal massive damage and halt its attacks. Completing a level will earn you experience and rare items. Increase your hero rank to refuel the nss dynamite and boost its capacity. Experience collected will also help your monsters grow stronger! Your character requires fuel to travel from planet to planet. Some planets require more fuel to travel to then others.

    Strike targets justice monsters five arranged around the battlefield to fill the tactical bar in the center. When the bar is full, the justice slots will spin, activating a special effect depending on their outcome. Each monster possesses its own hero tech – a powerful attack or a curative spell. Hero techs are only available to use when a monster's blue tech bar is full. Retrieve your daily bonus and other rewards from the gift box. Be careful: unclaimed gifts justice monsters five will disappear after 90 days. Golden orbs are used to take lucky spins and purchase items. Purchase golden orbs in the shop, or earn them by completing missions.

    There are three types of charge shots: enemy penetrating pierce shots, wall running climb shots, and exploding burst shots. To perform a charge shot, touch and hold the screen, then let go.

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