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    legendary tavern android, ios hack codes

    My name is cheat-on, and i'm the royal mage representing the royal family. Fifteen years ago, our former king was killed in a revolt led by brother Dario Barsark. I helped the late king Axel Barsark become the famous dragon slayer he was known to be. And for fifteen years, I've been looking for his son, who went missing on the day of the revolt but to no avail. When I finally find the prince, i'll help him amass an army and reclaim the throne from Dario. And when it's done, i'll regain my honor as the royal mage. When the day comes, i'll remember you.
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    Welcome game legendary tavern! Your skill gauge fills every time you attack or receive damage. Fight and fill up the skill gauge. Tap a skill icon to check the skill range. Flick it upward to use the skill. You can't leave without paying.
    What do you think is the most important quality of a king? Excellent swordsmanship? Magical powers? No, friends. A king doesn't have to be a good knight, but he has to be a good commander. Your job is to recruit good warriors, and make the best possible use of them. That's your role.

    Secrets cheat gameplay legendary tavern android bug codes: tap edit party to edit your formation. First, tap edit party button and allocate heroes. In hometown you can check the information about the place yu want to explore or edit your party. The tavern menu is at the bottom. Tap the pub button to move to the pub window. Every floor has the (?) icon, which displays the details of the floor when tapped. You can find equipment in story dungeons or summon it at the shop.
    In the pub legendary tavern, you can carry out quests:
    1. there are two types of quests: main quests and side quests;
    2. main quests follow the main story of the game;
    3. side quests follow the substory of the game;
    4. side quests are undated every 24 hours, or can be updated manually anytime, for free.
    5. You can use gems to upgrade them immediately.
    Don't forget to claim your reward every time you complete a quest.

    how to enter hack cheats legendary tavern.

  • how and where enter
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