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    Hacked Final Shot android, ios

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    Final Shot android, ios hack codes

    The year is 2047. Earth is ravaged by catastrophic climate change and its natural resources are nearly exhausted. Nations across the globe wage war on one another, fighting desperately for the last remaining resources. The weaker nations are either crushed or fall to anarchy. In a last ditch effort to bring stabilization to the world, the common energy defense pact is drafted. In accordance with the pact, the general energy committee is established. Under threat of the law, every resource related company is forced to submit to the GEC< or be dissolved.

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    Welcome game Final Shot! However, the GEC's true intentions prove corrupt. Not long after rising to power, they begin to meddle in political affairs. They create the AT, a paramilitary outfit used to assert power over those who oppose the GEC's policies. With the world's resources and a private army at their command, the GEC is now the most powerful entity on the planet. Guerilla attacks by groups rebelling against the GEC's authority become frequent. One day, the GEC headquartes are raided by a heavily armed group of rebels. After their highly publicized attack, they reveal themselves as the black flag force, and they call on the support of people all over the globe. This growing popularity inspires the black flag force to become more active and aggressive in their attacks against the GEC.
    May 2049 Final Shot..In retaliation, the GEC bombards peace hill, the headquarters of the Black flag force. Leadership of the black flag forge is completely obliterated. You have somehow survived the bombardment. Now, escape from the debris to rebuild the black flag force and bring doen the GEC.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Final Shot android bug codes: final shot grand launch event – recruit friends, get rewards instantly. Begin the journey to the world's greatest clan! Train now to become greatest clan in final shot. Recruit 30 new members to get a grade a rifle. You will be rewarded with gems for completing each survival training. Gems can be used yo purchase better weapons. Hold down the right side of the screen and move your finger to look around. You can change the view sensitivity to fit your style in the options menu.
    Use grenades Final Shot to eliminate a large number of enemies at once. Tap the grenade button on the right to toss one at them. Grenades will definitely come in handy for your survival. Sniper rifles are the most effective way to quietly take out enemies from a long distance. Hold down the shoot button to automatically zoom in on enemies and take them out quickly. When you let go, the gun will fire. If you move your finger to zoom out button while in zoom mode, you will unscope without firing. The sniper rifle needs to be reloaded after every shot. Fire with caution. Try shooting down the hidden enemy.

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