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    Welcome to the world of exos saga! My name is Yoam! I actually work at the post offive, but a came running when i heard a special adventurer was here. So i wanted to show you around. Ill start with the easy explanations!
    In the continent of Exos, the Dragon Tribe peacefully governed the unified nation of Vykal for thousands of years. But Arko. the emperor of the Dragon Tribe, indulged in tyranny and upon his assassination. the continent divided into 7 empires.... Peace appeared to return...But the power struggle between empires and civilian exploitation was ever-increasing. It was through the wisdom and courage of Jabens Tunier that exos was able to reclaim peace throughout the land.

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    But the mysterious death of Theodore, the Emperor of Lenombe, and the continuing rebellion headed by suprakern... Who will gain supremacy over the exos saga?
    Choose character :
    Dealer - The Princess or Greenland and a King's Guard member. She has a calm personality that's characteristic of elves, she joins this adventure in search of the stolen axisturk.

    Rera - The heiress of Marinos Island and a member of the King's Guard. She may seem carefree on the outside, but does everything with impeccable detail. rera hopes to avenge the massacred dragon tribe and reclaim the crown.

    Ray Kell - The Prince of St. West and the leader of the King's Guard. Trains troops in order to recover St. West from the hands of Kerri and plans to reclaim the kingdom.

    Baraka exos saga - A Wasted Red assassin and a member of the King's He was ordered to assassinate Raimje due to fe supraken rebellion. but will not carry it through. plans to avenge drillmaster rudley, who was killed by supraken.

    Xiakan - a descendant of the dragon tribe that was elected to become a King's Guard by Estoris Republic, he has a unique and peculiar personality and raises troops to revive the vykal empire. Unlike the rest of his allies.

    Each free summon ticket is activated at set intervals. Be sure to check how much time is left and make sure to summon when the time comes.

    The world of Exos is composed of 5 regions: Phedas, South St. West, North
    Phedas - a city and island that serves as the trade base in exos and is not affiliated with any country. Access is limited to st. west due to 5 vortexes that are formed by the east sea. Though it was once ruled by pirates long ago, gensen. The king of commerce. released all slaves and made it int* his base. Many successors from each country avoid lenombe and come here to gather their strength.

    If your character's profile picture is flashing. It means you can use a Skill exos saga. There is 1 active skill that can be used directly. And there are passive Skills that are used automatically. You can have up to 3 passive skills Depending on grade. All active skills have a cooldown before they can be Reused.
    Fever mode is triggered at a set rate when a special character's skill can be used. If you use a skill within 2 seconds of triggering fever mooe. Damage Increases by 1.5 times.

    you'll also receive 3 stars if you win a battle with a high score. When you clear with 3 stars, you can start using Gold Potions exos saga, what is gold potion, you ask? it's a convenient item that lets you check dungeon results on the spot, you'll see faster progress if you use gold potions'. try out the gold potion when you get a chance.

    you can see stats. items. and skill information for any character in the inventory. you can also equip or use items and upgrade skills. Since we have to equip items, tap the Items tab.

    You can open the expansion slots on the right through ultimate enhance. Only characters of S grade or higher are capable of Ultimate Enhance. But be careful! Equipment can only be equipped in slots that are designated by type, and if you equip a new equipment into a filled slot, the existing equipment will disappear!

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    • ZQCmk72CQp - level up ;
    • 2T8KvQH0C2 - cheats: 100000 gold;
    • 7pMRkLdOpX - Advanced Hero Summon 10 times. Random B-S grade Character Summon A Grade to S Grade I Guaranteed ;

    • IKcvEDQp6F - The number of possible purchases will be reset;
    • 3s3xxskvGI - active free summon ticket;
    • M3y3o4US0o - arcananight;
    • K0y4sOkEjy - hacks exos saga: Equipment Draw Ticket;
    • AtdsiaPdFy - skills not cooldown;
    • 7pMrGdXnRx - grade exp scroll;
    • srwVNETmMK - Fever mode was triggered;
    • 6KfWkJ3BQZ - cheats exos saga: all Vitality Points recovered.;
    • wa8kHRMnHC - open all characters;
    • 9teYYcnaFD - gold potion;
    • 05Iym2InB4 - Xes ;
    • GzkVjynlz5 - hacks exos saga: honor potion;
    • lWK6I8veui - upgrade all skills immediately;
    • ASwrRjEWRX - enhancing items. There are 3 types of equipment, weapons, armor, and accessories, they can be equipped into one of the basic slots on the left;
    • 4btleUgTj5 - premium grade exp grindstone ;
    • m1WwotEI7N - Ultimate Enhance;
    • kH5QHYtpOO - cheats Exos Saga: arena points;

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